KrillDesign.net is an innovative Italian start up that makes exclusive sustainable design lamps.

We work according to the principles of Circular Economy to achieve products that generate zero impact through the whole life cycle.

Circular Economy
1/ Our story


Zero environmental impact

KrillDesign.net is the Italian start-up that designs, manufactures and distributes design products, looking at the environment.


Creativity and innovation

Natural ingredientes, new cooking techniques and key trends shaping the future.



Krill Design has been selected among the six finalists of the Repower Award, one of the prize categories of the 8th edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize 2018.

2/ What we do


100% biodegradable

Our lamps are made of bioplastic derived from removable sources. We also use only standard electrical component that can be easily removed and use for other lights.

Cloud manufacturing

Local production

We can radically drop down the environmental impact of shipping, give work to local communities and sell real value for money with no extra shipment cost or import duty.


Unique design

We’ve revolutionized slow, rigid and costly traditional manufacturing methods with a radically more efficient 3D printing process.