Co.ffee Era

Collaboration with Municipality of Milan


About the project

Presented at the second edition of the Call of the Municipality of Milan “FabriQ fourth 2019 – Neighborhood innovation”, the project won with the aim to enhance three districts of Milan, Bovisa, Dergano, and Villapizzone, proposing a local solution to the general issue of recycling organic materials. 

The Co.ffee Era project develops a local circular economy model, involving the whole community with the creation and sale of sustainable design products. 

Thanks to this project we activated a network of local business realities and promoted a cultural paradigm based on sustainability, showing the virtuous circle and the alternative solutions to recover the coffee waste produced by bars and restaurants in the area of interest. 

The outcome was the creation of a sustainability district, in which synergies between people helped to train and inform on issues of social collaboration and green transition.

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The process

From Waste
to Product

The lifecycle of oranges does not end with the waste of the peels, but they are transformed into a biomateril for 3D printing.

1. Co.ffee Era

Coffee grounds recycling of bars and restaurants

2. Biopolymer

Development of the biomaterial from coffee scraps

3. 3D printing

Production on demand with digital manufacturing

4. Products

Furniture and objects of eco-design

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