Sicily (R)evolution

Collaboration with Sanpellegrino


About the project

It all begins with Sanpellegrino oranges, produced by Fratelli Branca, a trusted supplier for over 40 years, which have taken a new life thanks to the innovative solution of Krill Design.

The life cycle of oranges doesn’t end with the waste of peels: they are transformed by Krill Design into a biomaterial for 3D printing.

Thus, with the additional collaboration with Seletti, new biodegradable products were born, which preserve the memory of their original resource in its color and texture.

The process

From Waste
to Product

The lifecycle of oranges does not end with the waste of the peels, but they are transformed into a biomateril for 3D printing.

1. Sanpellegrino

Recycling of waste from oranges

2. Biopolymer

Development of the biomaterial from scraps of oranges

3. 3D printing

Production on demand with digital manufacturing

4. Products

Table lamp, Tray  and Glacette

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