KrillDesign.net is an innovative Italian start up that makes exclusive sustainable design lamps.

We work according to the principles of Circular Economy to achieve products that generate zero impact through the whole life cycle.

Circular Economy


La coupe reverse and the jungle

We make our way through the thick vegetation and there in front of us the forest opens onto a tangle of lianas from which a thousand La Coupe Reverse lamps hang.

The jungle is a particular conformation of the tropical rainforest, the terrestrial habitat with the greatest biodiversity, developing as a consequence of the proliferation of pioneer plants and a dense interweaving of lianas and young trees. The typical vegetation of the jungle includes deciduous plants and tree species such as teak, sandalwood, rubber plant, acacias, but especially lianas and epiphytic plants.

When we think about the jungle we visualize the scenes described in the collection of stories The Jungle Book, by the British writer Joseph Rudyard Kipling, but also the “primitive” paintings by the Nineteenth century French artist Henri Rousseau and the magnificent temples of Angkor emerging from the heart of Cambodia.