Napoli Collection

Napoli collection is inspired by the Italian city known for its coffee culture as an essential element of the morning routine. The collection consists of an incense holder and a pocket emptier.  Both products are realized with Rekrill Coffee, an exclusive 100% organic and compostable biomaterial made from recycled coffee grounds. Entirely 3D printed and made in Italy, Napoli brings sculptural shapes and refined texture into a unique, high-quality design. Each product has a delicate roasted smell that reminds you of the warmth of the coffee ritual.


The sculptural incense holder

Aroma is Krill Design’s incense holder made from recycled coffee grounds. Designed to give yourself a relaxing moment, it is ideal for connecting with your own harmony and that of the environment. Aroma is made entirely of Rekrill Coffee-a 100% biodegradable and compostable material for those who choose to embrace a no-waste lifestyle.

3D printed and sculpturally shaped, it holds the incense without dispersing the ash. A bending shape preserves the sticks yet to be used while waiting for the next moment of relaxation. For yourself or to give to your loved ones Aroma combines sustainable core with contemporary design.


The double pocket emptier

Much more than a pocket emptier, Miscela is an eco-design product made from recycled coffee grounds and 3D-printed.
With its double container, Miscela collects all your little daily treasures.
It doesn’t matter if your interior has a modern or traditional style; it will perfectly fit in and warmly welcome you home.
Furthermore, Miscela is a perfect gift to share your passion for coffee, design, and sustainability with your loved ones.

The Material

Rekrill Caffee ® is our patented innovative bio-material, generated from coffee grounds. Completely natural and compostable, Rekrill Caffee ® is velvety and robust, giving the design object a unique texture, color, and smell that reminds of its origin. It’s the perfect material resource to create an eco-friendly collection.

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