Ribera Collection

Made with Rekrill Orange ® , our patented bio-material resource from orange peels, Ribera is a collection of three multifunctional objects designed to decorate your working area and preserve your concentration. Working becomes more pleasant as you are surrounded by the Ribera collection.


The Orange Lamp ™

Ohmie is designed in synergy with nature, to offer a unique experience.

From the orange peel texture of the outer surface, to the subtle layers of 3D printing and its smell, Ohmie takes us on a journey through the senses .

Made from a single body, Ohmie is specially designed to use as little material as possible, be as light as its ecological footprint and have a perfectly angled beam to illuminate your workspace. 


The Totemic Organizer ™

Tree pieces one soul: that’s the desk organizer from orange peels. The mysterious totem shaped in three different containers hides your mess, frees your desk, and restores a visual order.  Magic, after all, is always where you don’t see it.


The Open Vase ™

The vision is distorted, our vase from orange peels plays on a surprise effect: stems vanish in the empty of a concave shape. Closing is never an option, we stand in favor of open-mindedness. 

The Material

Rekrill Orange ® is our patented innovative bio-material, generated from orange peels. Completely natural and compostable, Rekrill Orange ® is velvety and robust, giving the design object a unique texture, color, and smell that reminds of its origin. It’s the perfect material resource to create an eco-friendly collection.

The Origin of Ohmie

Ohmie, the Orange lamp ™  , was born thanks to an international community of people who share with Krill Design the desire to see sustainability as an integral part of our everyday life. 

The reward crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was launched in the summer of 2021 and  we created a wall of sponsors  with the names of those who have believed in the project since Ohmie, the Orange Lamp ™ was just a sketch on paper.

100% Natural and Compostable
Sustainable and Eco-friendly Light Fixture
Completely circular

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